A professional blog is an investment. You have to either put your own time and effort into filling it with engaging content – or hire someone else to do it for you. If you’re still wavering about setting up your professional blog, we’ll show you that the return on this investment is totally worth it!

What does a blog do?

Content marketing is very much alive and still kicking. People read fewer books, but it doesn’t mean they read less. Now, they mostly read on the Internet. And they could be reading your website.

A well-made, frequently updated blog can attract new customers to your website; it can convince them that your product or service is worth their money; and it can keep them coming back for more.

Let’s look in more detail into the advantages of having a blog on your company’s website.

1. SEO: a blog means better visibility for your website

Let’s say you’re looking for “great examples of design in WordPress themes”. The first FOUR organic results on Google will link you to the WordPress blog. The chances that your search will stop right there and you’ll go to the WordPress blog for more information are very high.

Notice that the search results do not link to WordPress themes. They do not link to a product – they link to the blog. The Google algorithm has decided that the blog posts provide the most valuable information regarding this query.

Your blog can contain tens – or even hundreds – of articles answering specific queries and bringing people interested in your product or service right to your doorstep. The more high-quality content your website has, the more valuable it will be to Google. And the better your visibility – and traffic.


2. A blog proves your expertise

Let’s say your SEO strategy rocks and you have many visitors coming to your website and looking at your products. How can a blog help you secure their interest when they are already on the website?

A well-conducted blog shows your prospective customers that you’re an expert. Here at Bender-Carey Marketing, we like to use the term AUTHORITY. If you provide free, valuable information for your visitors, they’ll see at once that you know what you’re about! Do you sell plants? A blog telling your customers about tending those plants, getting rid of pests, and building a beautiful and thriving garden will reassure them that you are, indeed, and expert on plants. Whatever you sell them will be of high quality – just like your blog posts.


3. A blog advertises

Let’s get back to the plant-seller example. By focusing the content of her blog on products she sells in the store, she can turn it into a subtle advertisement. For example, a series of articles on how to tend specific plants can contain links to these plants in the store. An article on getting rid of pests should link to pesticides in the store.

By doing this, not only do you increase the visibility of your blog on Google and establish yourself as an authority – you also lead your customers directly to your products, providing them with instant solutions to their problems.


4. A blog attracts more customers

SEO means better visibility and more traffic. The expert image you’re building using the blog builds your readers’ trust. And these factors translate into more customers and more sales. Web design blogs with high visibility means that people looking for web design tips will go directly to their blog, and then leads and sales begin to form. Soon, they will notice that in order to use those tips, they need to hire that authority of a company.

We’re still discussing this under the premise that the blog is professional and contains good-quality content. Such a blog is an excellent marketing tool.


5. A blog keeps your customers coming back for more

Do you have a newsletter? You probably use it to notify your customers once in a blue moon about a new product release or a sale. A blog gives you more reasons to write to your customers. Whenever you publish an especially interesting blog post, you can write a short e-mail inviting your customers to check it out.

This will increase traffic to your website and help your brand become more present, more anchored in your customers’ lives. If they are interested, they’ll read your blog, maybe even buy something since they are already on your website. If they find your post valuable, they’ll tell their friends. What’s not to like?


These are our reasons why having a blog on your company’s website is an absolute must. If you’d like to find out how to make your blog successful, give us a call at 719-559-4024 or shoot us an email.

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